Kriativ-techVolume 1, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages: xxxReceived: Nov. 28, 2017;Accepted: Dec. 8, 2017;Published: Feb. 24, 2018


Vítor Manuel Nobre JoaquimISTEC – Departamento de Estudos e Investigação em Tecnologias de Informação e Sociedade, Professor Adjunto do ISTEC.



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Vítor Manuel Nobre Joaquim, Aplicação de um Modelo Matemático de Natureza EstocásticaDOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2018-01-12


The objective of the present work is to apply a dynamic mathematical model, of stochastic nature, in the simulation of the adhesion rate to the national public irrigation system. This model, by incorporating an adjustment process with error correction mechanism, allows the identification and simulation of the adhesion rate over time, from the short to the long term, through the mathematical lag operator. The adjustment of the model was made using the method initially developed by the German mathematician Gauss (1775-1855).


Natureza Estocástica, Regadio público; Modelo Estatístico; Modelo de Gauss


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