Proposals for submitting articles should primarily address the following themes: Information Technology impacts on Society; Archetypes or implementation of innovative technologies; articles that show research oriented with particular relevance to technologies friendly to the environment and with impact on environmental sustainability.

Latest Articles

General Perspective of Network Functions Virtualization

Sérgio Pinto
DOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2018-01-28 

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Cloud Data Security

Pedro Ramos Brandão | Rui Antunes André
DOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2018-01-21

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IoT and 5G Internet

Luisa Orvalho, Bruno Figueiredo, Hugo Pinto
DOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2018-01-22

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Evolution of Mobile Networks towards the Cloud

Lúcio Studer Ferreira

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Requirements of Augmented Reality for Outdoor Environments

Rui Pascoal
DOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2018-01-26

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Progressive Web Apps: Concepts and Features

João Carneiro
DOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2018-01-27

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PhD in Informatics from the NOVA University Lisbon, where he holds a position as (Tenured) Assistant Professor. Primary research interests include in-memory data management for parallel and large-scale computing systems, and static and dynamic testing, analysis and debugging of concurrent programs. Author of the popular LaTeX thesis template NOVAthesis.

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