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<div class="aut_con"><strong>Nuno Miguel Carvalho Galego</strong>, Professor Adjunto do ISTEC</div><div></div><div class="aut_con"></div>



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Nuno Miguel Carvalho Galego, SOA - Principais motivações e beneficios da adopção da arquitectura SOA


These days many organizations are adopting SOA architectures (Service Oriented Architecture) to consume services form of Web Services. The purpose of the use of the SOA architecture is to allow the interconnection of applications that are implemented in different locations beyond the boundaries of the Organization in heterogeneous and distributed environments. This architecture can revolutionize the way that organizations compete, speeding up decision-making and take advantage of market opportunities. Based on the literature review, of this work discuss the main motivations and benefits of adoption of SOA architecture. This work describes the results of a survey which had as central study object-oriented software architecture (SOA), which identified the main motivations and benefits in adopting this architecture. Will also be addressed in this work, the types of services associated with the SOA as the reference model for SOA-OASIS. At the end of this work, a tool available from IBM organizations that streamlines the implementation of SOA-based projects such as the benefits in adopting an architecture of this type.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA); Web Services; OASIS reference model; IBM;


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