Kriativ-techVolume 1, Issue 7, April 2018, Pages: xxxReceived: Nov. 28, 2017;Accepted: Dec. 8, 2017;Published: Feb. 24, 2018


Isabel Alvarez,Professora Coordenadora no ISTEC



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Isabel Alvarez, Um estudo sobre o sistema operativo iOS da Apple


The emergence of the smartphone as a highly complex technology was accompanied by mobile operating systems (OS), large developer communities, content providers and complex networks, forming together digital infrastructures. These smartphones have become powerful devices being basically miniature versions of personal computers. Multiple factors have had a significant effect on the evolution of these platforms including graphical user interfaces, development platforms, business models and value extraction principles. However, the growing popularity and sophistication of smartphones has also heightened concern about the privacy of users using these devices.


mobile operating systems, smartphones, iOS, mobile applications, data security.


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