Kriativ-tech Volume 1, Issue 7, April 2018, Pages: xxx Received: Dec. 28, 2019; Accepted: Feb. 25, 2020. Published: Jul. 30, 2020.


Sérgio Pinto, Teaching Assistant at ISTEC



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Sérgio Pinto, Adapting course contents to online learning DOI: 10.31112/kriativ-tech-2020-08-46


The current pandemic scenario that appeared suddenly has surprised the whole world. The education area was not an exception; however, due to existing technology and internet evolution, the negative pandemic impact could be relatively minimized, namely, with the fast migration from traditional presential to online learning. This migration led to a considerable growth of online learning, and this paper purpose is to describe the main advised changes that teachers without online learning experience should adopt when migrating their courses to online mode. These changes should be supported by new technologies to create a motivating and productive learning environment for the students.


Online learning, internet, pandemic, LMS, VLE, multimedia, interactivity


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